Mark Bell’s Hip Circle Review and Warm Up


Personally I have owned the hip circle created by Mark Bell for over a year. I won’t do any major lower body exercises without my hip circle. To make a comparison the hip circle is a lot like the resistance bands but is much more comfortable to use and wear. What the hip circle does is help warm up and activate the hips, glutes and the surrounding muscles really well. You can wear it during warm ups for squats and deadlifts to help keep the knees out and to get the glutes to fire better or you can leave it on for all of your working sets to help strengthen the hip abductors and external rotators to further help keep the knees out in a squat. A couple exercises I incorporate when warming up with the hip circle is monster walks, lateral side steps, side kicks, air squats and barbell squat (the bar, 95lbs, 135lbs then take hip circle off and start my actual sets).

The hip circle is not only for powerlifters but for anyone who wants to improve their squat and deadlift or actually feel the glutes when lifting. A lot of people suffer from not being able to feel or activate their glutes when lifting or trying to target them. When squatting or even just walking a distance with the hip circle on you will feel your glutes activating like never before. This would be great for bodybuilders, physique and bikini competitors to really help create that mind muscle connection to the glutes.

I provided links to amazon below for the hip circle ,hip circle 2.0 and the Reebok Crossfit Lite Tr shoes I was wearing in the video which are amazing for powerlifting and any type of lifting.

Blue hip circle – girls, light weight guys

Red hip circle 2.0 for guys who need more resistance, bigger guys

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